Working with Text

This lesson will show you how to work with text in Flash.

1. Run Flash 4.0 from the Start menu by choosing Macromedia Flash 4 and then Flash 4 to obtain a blank stage for the first frame. If you are already in Flash use the New icon from the Tool Bar to create a new project.

2. Click on Modify, then Movie from the pull-down menu to obtain the Movie Properties dialog box. Set the size of the movie to a Width of 400 and a Height of 200. Click OK to continue.

3. Click the Text tool from the Drawing Tool Bar.

4. Click the Text tool from the Drawing Tool Bar.

5. From the Modifier Area, choose Verdana for the font. Set the Size to 16, and check Bold. Set the Text Color to a Dark Red.

6. Click on your state to observe a small box as shown to the right. Note that while you are in this mode, you obtain a object that contains the text that has no border.

7. Type Flash is a Great Program!

8. Notice that there is a rectangular box around the text and a small round circle at the upper-right corner of the rectangle.

9. Move the mouse pointer over this circle, hold the left mouse button down, drag the mouse and observe that the field can be reshared and the words wrap around if you make the field narrower.

10. Click on the Alignment tool from the Modifier area and choose Center for the text.

Note: While this text object is still selected, you can click on any of the Modifiers and change the Font, Size, Color, or Alignment.

11. Select one of the words (Flash) in the text object and change the color. Do this by clicking, holding, and dragging the mouse over the word or words.

12. You could now click the Arrow and select the text object, then the Scale Modifier to resize the text object and the text within it.

13. To add a special effect to the text, it is necessary to change the text object. While the text object is selected, use the Modify, Break Apart command from the pull-down menu. Notice now that each letter of the text is selected.

14. Click the Paint Bucket tool from the Drawing Tool Bar. Click the Fill Color tool from the Modifier area and choose the Rainbow Gradient Fill.

15. Click anywhere over the selected text to fill the selected area with this color. Note that you could have used the Color dialog box you learned about in the previous lesson to change the style for the Gradient Fill from Linear to Radial or to modify the Gradient Fill.

16. Click the Arrow tool and anywhere away from the selected area to deselect it and observe the effect.

17. Save this as lesson2 to conclude this exercise.