Creating a Movie

This lesson will show you how to export the fla file to a Flash Movie.

1. Open the file you created in the previous exercise, lesson5.fla.

2. Right-click over Frame 30 of the Actions/Labels layer, choose Properties and click on Actions, then Go To.

3. From the Frame Properties dialog box, click on Label, select the Stop action, and click the minus sign to delete it. Click on plus sign and choose Start. For the Control box at the bottom, check Go to and Play as shown. Click OK when done.

4. Save this as lessson6.fla. Use the File, Publish Preview, Flash command to preview the movie. This is esentially the save view you get when you use the Control, Test Movie command.

5. Use the File, Export command to obtain the Export Movie dialog box. Locate a directory where you are storing your files and give this movie a name, ie lessson6.

6. Accept the defaults from the Export Flash Player dialog box.

Note that if you have used graphics that you imported into Flash, you might want to play around with the JPEG Quality settings to see how you can reduce the file size of the flash movie.

7. Click OK to continue. That's it. You could now locate this file using Windows Explorer and double-click on it to play the movie in the Flash Player.

This is what the finished movie should look like. Notice that it automatically starts and repeats. This is because of the Actions you set for Frames 1 and 30.

Playing the Movie by clicking on the swf file from Windows Explorer requires that the Flash Player be installed on the user's computer. If it is on the Web, then as mentioned earlier most all Browsers today have this plugin installed already.

Flash also provides a way for you to distribute your movie without the Flash Player being installed. An option from the Flash Player Window allows you to save the file as an executable that runs on its own.

8. Load the movie in the Flash Player again.

9. Click on File to access the File pull-down menu.

10. Choose Create Projector. Locate where you want to save the executable and give it a name, ie. lesson6. The final file will be lesson6.exe.

The next lesson will show you how to use buttons to go to and play the different steps in this movie.