Learning Flash 4

Flash 4.0, the Web standard for vector graphics and animation from Macromedia, is currently one of the hottest programs around for creating highly interactive, animated Web Sites. The Flash Player, now available with most Web Browsers, displays Web Sites that contain graphics, sound, animation, and interactivity. Learn how Flash can be used to create animated logos, navigational controls (such as buttons), animation sequences (with synchronized audio if desired), and complete Web Sites.

If you do not have the Flash Player, click on the button below to go to the download area for the Flash Player.

You can download a free 30-day trial version of Flash 4.0 from Macromedia. Click on the Flash logo below to go there now if you wish to download this software.


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The Flash Interface

Drawing Objects

Working with Text

Adding Library Symbols

Working with Layers

Working with Frames

Creating a Movie

Working with and Creating Buttons

Simple Animations

Motion Tweening

Shape Tweening


 Presented by Tom Hall and TCC Publishing: tomhall@tcc-pub.com

It is recommended that you view this course at 800 x 600 resolution or higher.