Digital Cameras

A digital camera is a "computer" that takes pictures. You use a digital camera to take photographs in the same manner that you do with a regular camera, with one great exception. There is no film! Images are stored in digital format within the camera. You can take the digital camera with you anywhere and take photos and then return to your home or office and download the images directly to your computer. If you take your laptop on the road with you, you can download the images and create your presentations or applications on the spot.

Olympus offers several different kinds of digital cameras, with one of the most affordable being the D-220L shown here. This camera has the ability to store high quality images using a 2 MB SmartMedia Removable Media card. The Kodak DC50 offers zoom abilities. Both cameras have built-in flash and autofocus. Both of these cameras have software that comes with them that allow you to easily download the images to the computer.


Using A Digital Camera Such as the Olympus D-220L:


Image taken with the Olumpus D-220L

The Hitachi M2 MPEG Camera

The Hitachi M2 Multimedia Recorder allows you to store up to:

     27 minutes of MPEG-1 video,

    3000 JPEG still images, or

    4 hours of digital audio.

This camera has a zoom abilities, LCD display, and the data is stored on a 260 MB removable hard drive. You can find information about this camera at:

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