Using Animation Shop

When you check all of the options for the installation of PaintShop Pro 6, you also install a program called the Animation Shop. This is a good simple tool for creating animated gifs for the web.

Animation Shop is an image animation program that creates animations of one or multiple graphics images. It offers many effects and transitions to choose from to enhance the animations. Wizards help you quickly create graphic animations. You can make changes to animations using the drag-and-drop and propagate paste features. Animation Shop provides full support for many image file formats in creating animations. Files can be saved as Graphical Interchange Format files (.gif).

Using Animation Wizard

  1. Run Animation Shop from the PaintShop Pro submenu.

  2. Click on File, Animation Wizard to run the Animation Wizard.

  3. From the opening screen, check Same size as the first image frame, then click Next.

  4. Check Transparent as the default canvas color, then click Next.

  5. From the next screen, accept the defaults and click Next.

  6. Check Yes, repeat the animation indefinitely, and set the time to 20/100 of a second. Click Next.

  7. Click Add Image from the next screen. Locate the animate1 directory from the workshop folder.

  8. Shift click to select all the images in this folder and click Open.

  9. Select the images and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to place this images in order from frame1 to frame8. Click Next when done.

  10. Click Finish.

  11. Click the View Animation icon from the Tool Bar to view this animation.

  12. Use the File, Save As command and save this as bfly.gif

  13. From the Animation Quality Versus Output Size dialog box, accept the default and click on Next.

  14. Click Next and Finish to conclude this.

  15. Load this file in the Web Browser to view the results.

Creating Another Animation

  1. Repeat the above procedures but set the timing to 50/100 seconds.

  2. Use the images in the animate2 directory of the workshop folder.

  3. Make sure to place the images in order from yellow1 to yellow5.

  4. Save this as ystone.gif.


Adding a Text Effect

  1. Click the Open icon and locate the file oldfaith.jpg from the workshop folder.

  2. Select this frame and Right-click to select Text Transition.

  3. In the Define Text box type: Old Faithful.

  4. Set the Transition Length to 5 seconds and the Frames per second to 5.

  5. Accept the Backlight transition.

  6. Set the Font to Arial, Bold, 20. Set the Color to a bright red.

  7. Click OK when done.

  8. Save this as faithful.gif.