Past Activities

 From 2003 to 2011, I worked with Verizon's CIS (Dallas, TX) on a number of projects involving extensive use of the Simulation Editor in ToolBook Instructor 2004. In addition to this role, I am an independent Trainer, Consultant, and ToolBook Developer. I was formerly a Contract Trainer for, initially known as Asymetrix Learning Systems and now known as SumTotal Systems, where I conducted numerous 5-Day ToolBook II Instructor training classes and 2-Day ToolBook II Assistant training classes for about five years. I also conducted several other training classes on the use of ToolBook outside of my role as a Contract Trainer for click2learn.


Onsite training classes have included Allegis (Baltimore, MD), New Jersey Manufacturing (Trenton, NJ), AT&T (Lee's Summit, MO), John Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD), Ameritas (Lincoln, NE), Publix (Lakeland, FL), US Navy (New Orleans, LA), Conneticut Association of Educators (Hartford, CT), New York Department of Mental Health (Elmira, NY), Miller Brewing Company (Milwaukee, WI), FSG (Duluth, GA), Department Family Services (Jefferson City, MO), Verizon (Dallas, TX), Universidad Metropolitano (San Juan, PR), Alcoa-Mt. Holly (Charleston, SC), Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Columbia, SC), U.S. Army (Ft. Bragg, NC), U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute (Ft. Jackson, SC), U.S. Marines (Camp Johnson, NC), Sodexho Marriot (Buffalo, NY), Arrow Electronics (Long Island, NY), Wells Fargo (Iowa), Mcleod USA (Cear Rapids, Iowa), Subaru-Isuzu Automotive (Lafayette, IN), Bath & Body Works (Columbus, OH), Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Baltimore, MD), Navy Marine Intelligence Training Center (Virginia Beach, VA), Gateway (Sioux City, SD), DataStream (Greenville, SC), KI Inc (Green Bay, WI), Southern Company (Atlanta, GA), Visa International (Miami, FL), U.S. Marines (two at Camp Lejeune, NC), U.S. Army (Ft. Jackson, SC), U.S. Navy (San Diego), Canadian National Defense (Cold Lake, Alberta), Xerox Corporation (Rochester, NY), Racetrac Petroleum (Atlanta, GA), East Tennessee State University (Johnson City, TN), Denver Metro (Denver, CO), NC A&T (Greensboro, NC) and Arthur Andersen (Atlanta, GA). Open enrollment training classes have included trainees from a variety of military sites, colleges, universities, businesses, and industry totaling over 1000 trainees. Most recently, I helped develop the new Actions Editor Training Class (3 Days) for click2learn. As owner of TCC Publishing , I have written and published books on ToolBook Instructor and ToolBook Assistant for several years. In my role as a Syllabus Scholar, a group of Syllabus Conference and workshop faculty who have demonstrated excellence in the application of education technology and outstanding scholarship in training their peers in its use, I have conducted workshops directed at the continued development of the curriculum for education technology using various multimedia tools and ToolBook. I also served on the Advisory Board for Syllabus 99.

My current interests include Internet and World Wide Web applications, computer applications to the teaching curriculum, and multimedia applications for CBT. I have written and published Utilizing ToolBook to Develop Multimedia Presentations, a small training manual for Multimedia ToolBook 1.53, a multimedia authoring package from Asymetrix Learning Systems, Inc. I contributed an appendix entitled "Using Microsoft Windows" as part of the text Living with Computers, Version 5.0 by Patrick G. McKeown. I did a Computerized Study Guide using Multimedia ToolBook 1.53 that accompanies the Living with Computers textbook. Earlier works included Utilizing Multimedia ToolBook 3.0 and Applications CD-ROM available from Boyd Fraser Publishing Company and International Thomson Publishing and Chemistry Study Pak, an interactive chemistry software package from HarperCollins College Publishers. Other earlier works were Utilizing Asymetrix ToolBook II Instructor (for Instructor 5.0) and Windows Tools for Multimedia and the Web. These books were available through TCC Publishing. I was a contributing author for the Shelly Cashman books, Discovering Computers: World Wide Web Edition. I have written and published Utilizing Asymetrix ToolBook II Assistant (for Assistant 6.0), a custom publication available from TCC Publishing and the Second Edition of Windows Tools for Multimedia and the Web. An earlier book on ToolBook is Utilizing Asymetrix ToolBook II Instructor 6.1, a custom publication available from TCC Publishing and Amazon Books. I completed Chemistry Study Pack Version 2.0, an interactive multimedia CD-ROM available from Addison Wesley in the Summer of 1999 and currently included with all copies of a Chemistry textbook by Karen Timberlake. Current books include Utilizing Asymetrix ToolBook II Assistant 7, Windows Tools for Multimedia and the Web: Third Edition, and An Introduction to ToolBook II Instructor and Assistant 7. I also produced Getting Started with ToolBook II Instructor 7 CD-ROM in late 1999. 2001 releases included An Introduction to Macromedia Flash 5 and An Introduction to ToolBook II Instructor 8. Current books inlcude An Introduction to ToolBook Instructor 8.5/The Actions Editor and Simulation Object in ToolBook Instructor 8.5 (a 2-volume set). I finished The Actions Editor, HTTP Post, and Simulations in ToolBook Instructor 2004 in January of 2004. In the Spring of 2006, I produced An Introduction to ToolBook Instructor 2004.

In the early part of 1996, I did two one-day workshops for Syllabus Press in Miami, Florida on April 13 and April 14, 1996 on using ToolBook and Multimedia Tools for Windows. These were part of Syllabus Workshops '96. I did two pre-conference workshops for Syllabus '96 at Sonoma State (just north of San Francisco, California) on July 20 and 21. These workshops were on Developing Outstanding Classroom Presentations and centered around the use of PowerPoint 4.0 for Windows. Additionally, I did a post-conference workshop (1/2 day) on using Multimedia ToolBook 4.0 at this same conference. Fall 1996 events included the first of a series Syllabus Workshops '96-'97 beginning at Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA) November 8-10, 1996. These workshops included Introduction to Multimedia Tools/Windows (MM2) and Multimedia Authoring/Windows (MM3). I repeated these workshops in South Florida and Dallas, Texas in March and April of 1997. I also repeated these workshops in Puerto Rico in June and repeated again at Syllabus '97 at Sonoma State, CA in July of 1997. I currently am one of five Syllabus Scholars, a group of Syllabus Conference and workshop faculty who have demonstrated excellence in the application of education technology and outstanding scholarship in training their peers in its use. This group provides direction for continued development of the curriculum for education technology offered at Syllabus workshops and conferences. 1997 Fall workshop sites included Hofstra University on Long Island, Drexel University in Philadelphia, and Wabounsee Community College in Chicago. The Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 1998 Syllabus Workshops I participated in included: Ft. Myers/Southwest Florida at Florida Gulf Coast University, Los Angeles at Cal Poly Pomona-, Dallas (TX) at Southern Methodist University, Atlanta (GA) at Georgia State University, Puerto Rico at Inter American University, Syllabus98 at Sonoma State University, and Washington, DC at American University. In 1999 I gave workshops in New York at New School University, Orlando at University of Central Florida, and Syllabus 99 at Santa Clara (CA). My most recent Syllabus Workshops were in Boston (MA) at Bunker Hill Community College, Orlando, Chicago, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Santa Clara, CA (Syllabus 2000), and Cincinnati (March 2001). I also presented two Flash 5 workshops at Syllabus 2001 in Santa Clara during the summer and two at Syllabus Boston (Dec, 2001). In December of 2003, I conducted a 3 hour Seminar on Flash MX 2004 for the Fall Syllabus Conference in Boston, MA.

In 2001 and 2002, I created 3 CD-ROM projects for KI in Green Bay, WI. One of these won the First Place Award for ToolBook CBT Project--Interactive 2000 Awards Sponsored by I also worked with Jim Booth of Total Care Programming on a CD-ROM project in 2000. In 2001 I worked with the Center for Support of Families (NC) to develop 4 CD-ROM training CDs for the State of Georgia. Likewise, I have consulted and developed for a large Web Training Project through NASFAA (National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators out of Washington, DC). Other consulting/training clients include the University of Miami Medical School (Department of Anesthesiology), USDA (Ft. Worth, TX), the DC Children's Hospital (Washington, DC), and SIOR (Society of Industrial and Office Realtors, Washington, DC). Late Fall of 2002, I worked for several months fulltime for Arrow Communications (Long Island, NY) developing software Simulations for Web Delivery. In 2003, I was involved in 4 CD-ROM projects with Mangi Environmental (McLean, VA), a large government contractor. I also worked in 2003 with Ralph Spencer of Innovative Learning, LLC to develop two Web Courses using ToolBook for training in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Likewise, I developed a CD-ROM training product Learning Microsoft Office Visio 2003 for Instrux (Vince Yokom) and Microsoft Corporation. This project made extensive use of the Simulation Object in ToolBook Instructor 8.6. Over the past year and half, I have maintained a Services Contract with USDA/NEDC (Ft. Worth, TX) to provide consulting and technical support for several of their Web Training products. From Oct 1, 2003 to the present I have worked with Verizon (Dallas, TX) to develop two large Web Training Programs, both of which make full use of the Simulation Object in ToolBook Instructor 8.6.  I have also done several small jobs including Humana (Louisville, KY), Martindale-Hubbell (New Jersey), Martin Community College (North Carolina), and the Railway Educational Bureau (Omaha, NE) that make use of HTTP Post to store user data in a database on a Web Server. I also have considerable experience with TBK Tracker and Tracker.Net as learning management systems.  

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